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Makai 6" DS

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Fresh Shears Makai 6" Double Swivel professional hair shears are our Most Popular - and for good reason! Makai Swivel shears do it all and come in sizes 5.5"-7" The comfortable, ergonomic swivel handle and versatile blade design put precision, blunt, and dry cutting all in one super sharp professional hair shear.

Tech Specs

Handle: Semi Off-Set Double Swivel Matte

Blade: All Around

Hair: Wet/Dry

Craftsmanship: Handcrafted 

Steel: High Carbon 440C 

Screw: Hand Adjustable 

Hardness: 59

Why Fresh?

Risk Free

Not the right size for you? No problem, swap them out. Return within 14 days without hassle.

More for Less

We're able to keep quality high and costs low by selling direct to you and avoiding traditional retailing fees.

Give back

Trade-in shears become part of our StayFresh Education Program offering schools the same quick service.

Work as hard as you do.

Day in, day out you'll enjoy cutting with ease. When the time comes and you need sharpening our StayFresh Program has you covered!

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